CV Chocolate Wine finds itself right in the middle of the fastest growing wine phenomenon in the US. Only ingredients of the highest quality from the USA are used to make our product.
CV blends the finest cream from the famed Galloway Dairy in Wisconsin, natural chocolate flavors and essence from Southern, California and Premium California Port. CV has a one-year shelf life, no separation of wine and cream, and no chalky after taste.

Our product is quality driven on all levels, and we are committed to CVs fast rise to #1!

A perfect blend, California Port, velvety milk chocolate and cream, CV Chocolate Wine offers consumers a unique and exciting sensory experience. Now available in two flavors, Chocolate and Mint Chocolate, CV has artfully blended the finest ingredients available and uses only handcrafted, small batching techniques in our bottling process. At an affordable price, CV invites consumers to sit back, relax and enjoy the finer things in life!